Backyard burning is OPEN for the season (open through June 15th). Please continue to use extreme caution when any type of burning is taking place, keep a water source nearby, and never leave your fire unattended.

Approved fire pits and ceremonial or warming fires will remain allowed unless we move into extreme fire danger.  

Open burn seasons are: 

  • March 1st – June 15th
  • October 1st – December 15th

Please call our burn line for burning restrictions: 503-266-1195 and refer to the rest of our burn page for more information,

We appreciate your participation!

Clackamas County Wildland Fire Danger Rating

Daily Burn Announcement

To report a fire danger call 9-1-1

Daily burn announcements are available via telephone during open burning season, March 1st – June 15th and October 1st – December 15th. Burn announcements can be accessed by calling 503-266-1195.

If after listening to the burn message and reading the regulations listed on this webpage you would like to report an illegal or unauthorized burn, contact DEQ. DO NOT CALL 9-11 FOR SMOKE COMPLAINTS.

By Phone: 888-997-7888

Fill out the online complaint form: DEQ website.

Burning Regulations

Under Oregon laws, outdoor burning is regulated by the Department of Environmental Quality for pollution concerns, the Department of Forestry when our forests or timber is affected, and the Fire Department for Fire & Life Safety concerns.

Canby Fire District is required to comply with the Oregon Fire Code, ORS 478 and O.A.R. Chapter 340, Rules for Open Burning. Canby fire will close burning on days when weather conditions cause high fire danger. The State Fire Marshal may also restrict burning during extreme fire season conditions. Please use safe burning practices at all times to prevent wildfires.

To minimize air pollution resulting from outdoor burning, D.E.Q. has prescribed specific burning seasons. Each day the authority to burn may be granted or restricted depending on the air quality and fire hazards. Please call 503-266-1195 daily for recorded burn line updates.

Prohibited Materials

Please see the bottom of page 1 for prohibited materials.

Backyard Burning

Yard, Tree and Garden debris

  1. Residential burning may only be conducted during the Open Burn Seasons.
  2. Open Burn Seasons are:
    • March 1st – June 15th
    • October 1st – December 15th
  3. Burning before 8:00am or outside of the allowed hours is prohibited by D.E.Q. Fires must be out two hours before sunset pacific standard time.
  4.  See the list of Prohibited Materials that cannot be burned on the bottom of page 1.

Agricultural For-Profit Burning

Agricultural For-Profit Burning is for those individuals who meet the DEQ requirements as summarized below. Refer to Oregon Administrative Rule Chapter 340, Division 264 for details. Agricultural materials are limited to bona fide agricultural waste (other than prohibited materials listed). Agricultural waste is material generated by an agricultural operation that uses, or intends to use, land primarily for the purpose of obtaining a profit by raising, harvesting and selling crops or raising and selling livestock (including poultry) or the produce thereof. The question of whether a particular activity is or is not “agricultural” is a question of land use or intended use and profit motive. The primary purpose must be an intention to “earn a profit by selling crops or produce”. If you file taxes for your operation, you are an Agricultural For-Profit Burning. To be Agricultural For-Profit Burning, the operation must be large enough to have a profit motive as a reasonable objective, i.e., large enough not to be confused with a personal garden or hobby and must be an integral and necessary part of the Agricultural For-Profit Burning. 

Recreational Fires

Campfires, Cooking Fires, and Bonfires

  1. Campfires, cooking fires, and bonfires are allowed throughout the year unless we are in a severe fire season at which time all fires may be prohibited. Call 503-266-1195 to check on the daily burn status.
  2. Call 503-266-5851 during regular business hours of 8:00am and 4:00pm for recreational fire information.
  3. Propane powered cooking appliances that meet the manufacturers listing are not regulated.
  4. Burning of trash or yard debris is not permitted in recreational fires. See a full list of prohibited materials on the bottom of page 1.
  5. Recreational fires shall comply with the Open Fire Safety Rules.

Open Fire Safety Rules

  1. 24-hour on-site monitoring is required until the burn site is completely cold.
  2. Open fires must be limited in size, be controllable and not be a hazard to people, property or standing vegetation.
  3. Open burning shall not be conducted within 50 feet of any structure or other combustible material. Conditions, which could cause the fire to spread to within 50 feet of a structure, shall be eliminated prior to ignition.

Exception: Clearance from structures and other combustible materials may be reduced as follows:

    • Not less than 15 feet when burning is conducted in an approved burning appliance such as a burn barrel.
    • Not less than 25 feet when the burn pile size is 4’ or less in diameter.
  1. No fire shall be larger than approx. 9ft x 9ft x 9ft.
  2. A garden hose connected to a water supply and a shovel or other approved fire-extinguishing equipment shall be readily available for use at open burning sites. Heavy equipment such as a trackhoe or tractor, etc. may be required for large piles.
  3. Burning material shall be constantly attended by a person knowledgeable in the use of the fire-extinguishing equipment. The attendant shall supervise the burning material on site until the fire has been extinguished.
  4. Burning of materials in any manner where smoke or flame damages or endangers persons or property of others is prohibited.
  5. The Fire Chief is authorized to close open burning due to hazardous conditions.

All fires shall be extinguished two hours before sunset

More Resources

Oregon DEQ

Oregon State Fire Marshal

Oregon Department of Forestry

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Backyard burning can turn into a hazard for the entire neighborhood.
Please remember to call the Canby Fire Burn Line Number at 503-266-1195 before burning and use the resources listed below.
A fire like this could have caught the neighbor’s fencing on fire and with higher winds can spread throughout the neighborhood rapidly. Please use extreme caution during times of dry weather, hot temperatures, and high wind speeds. What looks green now may be able to burn just a few hours after the rain has stopped.

Understanding Daily Burn Level

Fire Danger “Low”

LOW: Refer to Canby Fire District daily recorded burn message by calling 503-266-1195 or referring to our website for open burning rules and regulation.

Fire Danger “Moderate”

MODERATE: July-October based upon conditions. Recreational fires allowed with precautions.

Agricultural burning is permitted on approved agricultural burning days.

Fire Danger “High”

HIGH: Recreational fires allowed with extreme caution but may be revoked based on conditions. Significant fire safety precautions are necessary. Agricultural For-Profit Burning is on approved agricultural burning days but may be revoked based on conditions. Check with Canby Fire District.

Fire Danger “Extreme”

EXTREME: Total burning ban. No outdoor fires are allowed, including recreational fires.