Canby Fire’s main station is undergoing construction as part of the bond measure passed by our Canby Citizens! Please use the phones out front to contact either 9-1-1 with a medical emergency or our administrative staff. If you have office administrative questions, feel free to visit our modular home in the upper parking lot to be assisted by an officer.

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Messages from the Chief

2020 Strategic Plan Update Message

The Canby Fire District would like to thank the Canby community for your continued support. Your support is what has made it possible to provide fast and effective emergency response and 70 years of emergency medical care and ambulance service.

The Fire District is funded by property taxes approved by you, with a permanent tax rate of $1.54 and a 5-year levy rate of $0.45 per 1000 assessed valuation approved by the voters every 5 years. The levy will be on the ballot for your consideration in November of 2020. The Fire District is completing our first year of the 4.9 million dollar Capitol Bond Measure. The Bond Measure, as approved by you, is to remodel the Main Fire Station located at 221 S. Pine St., provide an Emergency Medical Station on the north side of the City, and to update or replace fire and emergency medical equipment. The remodel of the Main Fire Station is scheduled to begin in March of 2020. Additionally, the property has been secured for the north side Emergency Medical Station and minor remodel and repairs have been completed on the Sub-station located on Highway 170.

In 2015 the Fire District Board of Directors adopted the Fire District’s first Strategic Plan. The Fire District Strategic Plan provides approved goals and objectives that the management team utilizes in compiling and fulfilling the District’s annual budget. In 2017 the Fire District updated the Strategic Plan due to the majority of the goals having been accomplished. Many of the goals adopted in 2017 have also been accomplished and any remaining goals requiring additional work will be moved forward into the 2020 plan for completion. One of the major goals accomplished is to lower the insurance standards (ISO) classification from a class 5 to a class 2 in the areas with approved water supply, and from a class 8/10 to a class 3 in the rural areas. The lower the class rating, the lower you pay for insurance.

Establishing a financial plan that keeps the Fire District from depending on taking out loans for operations when taxes are not being received is one of our main goals. Some more accomplishments seen throughout the Fire District today are as follow:

  • The paid and volunteer firefighters currently meet critical response times for medical and fire emergencies.
  • The Fire District fleet of apparatus have been updated due to your support.
  • The replacement of the emergency radio system is current.
  • Canby Fire District is an active partner in automatic aid responses to all other regional area agencies; while also depending on those fire agencies for support when our units are on simultaneous emergencies.

The 2020 Strategic Plan, as presented, will be our direction from the Board of Fire Directors for the next 2 to 3 years. We feel it is important to be transparent and accountable to our customers and are committed to providing outstanding services with the resources you have made possible.

With sincere gratitude,

James X. Davis

Fire Chief

Canby Fire District

View our 2020 Strategic Plan HERE


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Coronavirus Awareness

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Station 361

Canby Fire’s main station on South Pine St., manned by paid personnel, volunteers, Interns, and houses the district’s administrative staff.

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Canby Fire’s rural station on highway 170, currently housing Interns for response.

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