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As of June 15th city and rural backyard burning is closed for fire season. Agricultural burning may still be allowed by special permit on certain days so you may still see some farms and nurseries burning.

Agricultural burning is only allowed by special permit to those who utilize a farm or nursery to make a living. This does not apply to hobby farms or those who have large areas of property who are not farming or operating a nursery.

Please call the Daily Burn Advisory number at 503-266-1195 for updates or 503-266-5851 for Special Agricultural burning permits.

We need your Help in raising the $10,000 required to put on the community fireworks display.

There are 3 reasons we feel so strong about having a Community fireworks display

1. Safety-With this being a extremely dry year we are concerned about fire’s and injuries. With out a community fireworks display more people will be getting both legal and illegal fireworks and doing there own displays increasing the chance of fire and injuries.

2. Community-This gives a chance for the community to come together and celebrate Independence Day

3. Family-The families can stay in town and watch the fireworks together.

Canby Fireworks flyer