Fire Donations

Canby Fire District greatly appreciates the many donations of water and wipes dropped off at our Station for our Firefighters. We have received beyond our expectations in supplies. We would like to redirect everyone wanting to make donations or support in other ways to the American Red Cross Association. Monetary donations to the Richard Davies First Responder Fund are being accepted for future use to help support Canby Residents in need. Again, thank you everyone for the tremendous support during these events.

The American Red Cross Association can be contacted at 503-284-1234

IMG_9601Letter from the Fire Chief

We accomplished a lot since the first version of this plan came out in 2015 and remain, as always, committed to our mission of outstanding service to our community delivered with skilled professionalism and commitment to safety. In the last two years, two
accomplishments of particular note stand out:
1. We committed to lowering our Insurance Services Office (ISO) rating and delivered.
The “ISO” rating is a measure of a community’s fire-safety readiness, including how ready a fire department is to arrive on scene quickly with well-trained people and the right apparatus.
Across virtually all of the District the ISO ratings have improved significantly. This means our community is safer and that fire insurance costs for many property owners may see improvements as well.
2. We committed to improving medical and fire response times and delivered. In 2014, our response times were very good on most calls, but could sometimes lengthen for the second or third call that came in at the same time. With the help of voters who supported us with a local option levy, we have been able to improve response times in those multiple call situations and now routinely meet our standard-of-cover response time targets. We are proud to have been able to deliver the improved response times anticipated and are glad that our community is safer as a result.
However, the work is not done. In this, our 2017 strategic plan, you’ll find:
Updates to the organizational values of Canby Fire District;
Clarification of goals for the duration of the plan;
Updated outcome measure results; and
Revised and new change strategies that will help ensure we accomplish those outcomes. As always, while presented in a bound document, this plan should not be regarded as a rigid statement of all we intend to do. Instead, the plan is best viewed as the vision against which our future results can be compared and the guidelines that all can use to develop or improve. We encourage all members of Canby Fire District, the two cities and the county that we serve, and
all citizens of our District to work together to keep our community a wonderful and safe place to live.

CPR/AED Card Certification through ASHI

We are proud to now offer CPR/AED Card Certification. Click HERE for more information.

Please read the 2017 Strategic Plan in it’s entirety.

2017 Strategic Plan