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To the community we serve throughout the Canby Fire District:


The Canby Fire District is engaged in a process of listening, learning, and planning for the future and we are inviting all members of our community to help shape that future with us.

We want to make sure we are best fulfilling our vision of providing highly-skilled, efficient response to fire and medical emergencies while continuing to work with our community to prevent the next emergency. Part of our mission is to provide outstanding customer service and we can’t accomplish this without hearing from you, our customers, the people who live and work throughout the district we serve.

We have asked independent research firm, Campbell DeLong Resources, Inc., to collect the feedback and provide the responses in a manner that does not associate names with comments.

So feel free to give us your honest opinions of what we do well and where we can improve and then look for the publication of our new strategic plan later this spring.


Please visit to begin the survey. We look forward to hearing from you!


James X. Davis, Fire Chief







Our Mission

We are committed to property conservation and life safety through excellent emergency services.

Our Vision

Serve, Educate, Train, and Protect


Our Values

We value having adequate resources to meet the needs of the district as well as the efficient and proactive use of those resources. 

We value an image of dedication and commitment to the community and earning the respect of our citizenship. 

We value ongoing, honest, and accurate communication with all segments of our community. 

We value the efficient and effective training and education of our members. 

We value teamwork and cooperation in accomplishing our Mission. 

We value a proactive and positive attitude in all our members. 

We value fostering a proactive and positive relationship within our community. 

We value the ability to successfully empower individuals within the organization to carry out our Mission.