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The Canby Fire District formally invites you.

Canby Fire & Police will be having our annual 9/11 Memorial Ceremony this Thursday, September 11, at Station 62, 221 S Pine, Canby OR. It will start at 8:00 am and should conclude approximately one hour later.

This year is New York / WTC remembrance, and we will be re-dedicating the Roddy Morris sculpture and it’s redesigned name plaques. Our theme will be “Personal Reflections on 9/11; What the City Means to Me”.

We are also having our personnel share their thoughts on 9/11 from the perspective of a Firefighter / Police Officer. Were you already on the job? Were you not yet involved in Emergency Services and 9/11 motivated you to join?  Were you just a small child? What are your thoughts of the great courage and sacrifice demonstrated by the 343 Firefighters and 72 Law Enforcement Officers whose names are inscribed on our memorial?

Media is welcome to attend: Please contact Chief Todd Gary @ 503 969- 7459


Our Mission

We are committed to property conservation and life safety through excellent emergency services.

Our Vision

Serve, Educate, Train, and Protect


Our Values

We value having adequate resources to meet the needs of the district as well as the efficient and proactive use of those resources. 

We value an image of dedication and commitment to the community and earning the respect of our citizenship. 

We value ongoing, honest, and accurate communication with all segments of our community. 

We value the efficient and effective training and education of our members. 

We value teamwork and cooperation in accomplishing our Mission. 

We value a proactive and positive attitude in all our members. 

We value fostering a proactive and positive relationship within our community. 

We value the ability to successfully empower individuals within the organization to carry out our Mission.


Thank you for visiting the Canby Fire District web site.  I hope that your visit will give you an insight into the services that we provide as well as the dedicated people who serve the citizens of our community.

The Canby Fire District is a special service District that provides traditional Fire, Rescue, and Prevention services to the Cities of Canby and Barlow as well as the rural areas around those cities.  Canby Fire is also the Ambulance service provider for our service area, providing emergency advanced life support transport to our Citizens.  Over 30,000 people live within the 54 square miles that the District serves.  Currently the Fire District has 50 members who consist of 18 Career, 30 Volunteer, and 2 Administrative personnel.

As the Fire Chief of the Canby Fire District it is my responsibility to make sure that when Prevention doesn’t work and someone is having their worst day, that the people who respond are highly skilled and motivated, and equipped to deliver exceptional services.  We take great pride in what we do and how we do it.  In order to do this we spend a great deal of our time preparing for emergencies through training as well as making sure that our tools and techniques meet or exceed the latest industry standards.

The members of the Canby Fire District are never satisfied with the status quo.  Our members are encouraged to find ways to improve our services and have a strong sense of ownership in our programs.  Since property taxes and ambulance revenues are our only sources of revenue, our members have found ways to gain the necessary tools or technologies through grant funding or in some cases, through cooperative efforts with other agencies or companies.

You will notice as you navigate through our web site that we are very serious about how we serve our community.  Whether someone is a volunteer, career, or administrative member, we believe very strongly in doing the right thing for the right reasons.

Stay Safe,
Ted R Kunze
Fire Chief