2018 Bond Measure Updates

Northside Medic Facility

Land for the Northside medic response station has been acquired through a lease with the City of Canby. This lease will be for 50 years and will cost just $1.00/ year. Preparation for housing is underway, with Canby Utility and various other businesses getting the site plan concluded.

Completed Projects

  • Purchased new hose and nozzles for service
  • Purchased new stretcher units for medics
  • Purchased one new command vehicle
  • 50-year lease on land has been secured for ST363 (Northside)
  • Mobile home purchased for temporary housing at ST361 (Main) until remodel completion
  • Thermal imaging cameras purchased and put in service
  • Upgrade Station 365 (substation) on HWY 170 (painting and roof redone – see below)
  • Purchased a used ladder truck from Gladstone Fire

Future Anticipated Projects

  • Create a Northside medic response station
  • Make repairs and improvements to station 361 (in process)

Main Station Remodel

Phase 1

Phase 1 of the ST361 remodel includes the office/administrative side of the station and most of the training room. More office space will be added to accommodate more personnel in the future. Crews, staff, and volunteers have been working very hard to move offices into the modular home located in the upper parking lot as well as move non-essential items to storage for the time being.

Phase 1: Update 1

Phase 1: Update 2

Phase 1: Update 3

Phase 1: Update 4

Phase 1: Update 5

Phase 1: Update 6

Phase 1: Update 7.1

Phase 1: Update 7.2

Phase 1: Update 8

Phase 1: Update 9

Phase 1: Update 10.1

Phase 1: Update 10.2

Phase 2: Update 1