2018 Bond Measure Updates

Most Recent Updates

Land for the North side medic response station has been acquired through a lease with the City of Canby. This lease will be for 50 years and will cost just $1.00/ year. Preparation for housing is underway, with Canby Utility and various other businesses getting the site plan concluded.

Completed Projects

  • Purchased new hose and nozzles for service
  • Purchased new stretcher units for medics
  • Purchased one new command vehicle
  • 50-year lease on land has been secured for ST363 (Northside)
  • Mobile home purchased for temporary housing at ST361 (Main) until remodel completion
  • Thermal imaging cameras purchased and put in service
  • ST365 (Substation) painting and roof redone (see images below)

Future Anticipated Projects

  • Purchase a ladder truck
  • Create a North side medic response station
  • Upgrade Station 365 on HWY 170
  • Make repairs and improvements to station 361