Canby Fire has an hands on and an classroom training environments that provides over 60 hrs. of training per year / per member.

In an effort to reach all of our members we provide drills and training opportunities daily, as well as every Thursday night. The district also encourages outside training via seminars and conferences. Our Firefighters must train in a wide variety of disciplines in order to be best prepared for any emergency that comes through the 911 center, such as structural fires, car crashes involving auto extrication, industrial accidents, water rescues, advanced life support first aid responses, and ambulance transportation.

Canby Firefighter’s also receive focused training on fire ground operations, fire behavior, specialized ventilation techniques, rescue and recovery, rapid intervention, emergency vehicle operations, strategies and tactics, and incident command. Canby Fire District strives to provide realistic training in real life scenarios. We do this using acquired structures and facilities to add realism to it training. We also provide as much real fire training using homes and buildings scheduled for demolition, this provides training that no drill ground or training facility can offer.

Canby Firefighters train to National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) / Department of Public Safety Standards and Training (DPSST) standards in the levels of Firefighter, Fire Officer, Fire Ground Leader, Apparatus Operator, and Wildland Firefighter.