Station 65 is located south of Canby on Highway 170. Station 65 houses Engine 65, Squad 65 and the Rehab Support Trailer, and is an all volunteer station with no career or administrative staff. Volunteers respond from their homes to the station when called upon and also up to three Resident Volunteers live at Station 65 to help maintain the station and help increase response numbers. Resident Volunteers are students enrolled in college Firefighting or Paramedic programs who live at the station and work 24-hour shifts to provide additional manpower to assist volunteers and career staff.

Engine 65

Engine 65 is a 2005 Pierce wildland interface engine mounted on an International 7400 chassis. It carries 500 gallons of water, has a Husky foam system and has a 750 gallon per minute PTO pump. For pump and roll capability, Engine 65 also has a 100 gallon per minute hydraulic pump, which can be engaged from the cab to provide immediate water for quick attacks on wildland fires. This engine has increased ground clearance and 4X4 capability in order to go off road as necessary to reach field and forest fires. It carries a complete set of hand tools, chain saws, and special hose designed for wild land firefighting. Engine 65 also carries self-contained breathing apparatus, structural firefighting tools, and hose for structural fire responses. Also found on this engine are first aid supplies and a generator to provide electrical power as needed for various tools. It also has a mobile data computer that provides up to the second information from dispatchers for incidents, GPS capabilities for faster routing to the incident location, and pre-fire plans for most businesses and all schools and churches in the district. This engine was provided to our community on a Federal Fire Act grant with minimal cost to our taxpayers.

Engine 65 is one of our primary responding units on all wildfire responses. It is our last out engine for structural fire responses because it does not carry the amount of equipment that our other front line engines carry. Engine 65 is part of the Clackamas County task force that can be deployed to assist with conflagration emergencies throughout the state.

Engine 63

Squad 65 is a 1992 Chevrolet brush unit on a one ton 3500 chassis. This unit has a 200 gallon water tank, a 190 gallon per minute PTO pump, carries a portable fire float pump and is four wheel drive. Squad 65 also carries fire hose, wildland hand tools, Basic life support, AED, SCBA,s and Class A fire foam to help extinguish fires.

Squad 65 responds on fire and medical responses. Its small size, light weight, and four wheel drive make it an ideal quick attack vehicle. It can be taken off-road, access fires in rough terrain and is operated by a crew of two firefighters.

Brush 61


Rehab 65 Support Trailer

Rehab 65 Support Trailer is a Pace American 16 ft. cargo trailer. It serves as part of Canby’s rehabilitation unit on large or long lasting incidents and has supplies for operations level hazardous material incidents. It contains a generator, several different types of Haz-Mat absorbent materials, sand bags sacks, gas and dust filter masks, and class B foam for firefighting activities. Rescue 65 Support Trailer’s ability to respond is dependent on volunteer staffing levels.

Canby Fire’s Incident Support trailer was provided by Union Pacific Railroad and interior furnishings and supplies were donated from Kauffman Cabinet’s, Cutsforth’s Thriftway, Onion’s Canby Electric, Top-O-Hill R.V., and Johnson Controls.

Rehab 65