The Mission of the Fire Prevention Division is to reduce the number and consequences of hostile fires and preventable injuries through education, engineering, and enforcement.

Our Vision is to provide our community and its citizens with a high level of fire and life safety services delivered in a manner that reflects our professional commitment.

Our Values are to meet the Mission and Vision of the Fire District and the Fire Prevention Division without compromising personal ethics or the integrity or the intent of the Oregon Fire Code and applicable NFPA Standards

The Fire District meets its charged Mission by providing Educational opportunities throughout the community including in-classroom school programs , public presentations, fire station tours , media events, and safety fairs. The Fire Prevention Division focuses on fire safety messages as its core program, but also believes that preventable injuries of all types are important. Risk Watch  injury Prevention curriculum is the cornerstone of our injury prevention program. We also bring Fire Safety Education to our web page with our Kids Page.

Engineering activities allow the fire district to help design fire safety into both the development and construction phase, thus being proactive to reduce the threat of fire and life safety issues in the community. We work together from the beginning of a project to the end, and are involved during pre-development and pre-construction plans review, fire protection system review, fire alarm system review, on site inspections, system testing, and final certificate of occupancy. We also participate with the Consumer Product Safety Commission and the Office of the State Fire Marshal to develop statistics that help shape new codes and standards.

Fire and Life Safety Inspections are a key element for the Enforcement arm of the Division. Our inspection program targets the highest risk facilities within our community. These include our schools, our high occupancy facilities, our licensed care facilities, and facilities deemed as Critical Infrastructure. We also investigate all hostile fires and provide juvenile fire setter assessment screening.

The Fire Prevention Division is also very active within the Fire Prevention Community, belonging to the Oregon Fire Marshals Association, the Clackamas County Fire Prevention Co Op, The International Codes Council , and the  International Association of Arson Investigators.

The Fire Prevention Division is staffed with an Fire Marshal.