Many members of the Canby community are aware of their Canby Fire Department. They see them drive by, see them at schools and in the community, and in times of trouble receive their wonderful assistance. However many members of the Canby community know little of the Canby Fire Board of Directors.

The Board of Canby Fire District consists of five (5) members serving four (4) year staggered terms. Board Members must be property owners in the District. Four (4) Board Members represent geographical zones in the District where their property is located and one (1) Member represents the District as a whole

Board Members are elected by a vote of the people in the particular geographical zone. Individuals interested in running for a Board position must meet certain qualifications. Once the qualifications are satisfied, the candidates are placed on a ballot and a general election determines the winner of that particular geographic zone for that Board position. Elections are conducted pursuant to Oregon law. The elected Board Member is sworn into the Board position, attends a work session to acquaint them with the facilities, equipment, personnel, and Board policies, and assumes the duties of the position. Unless filling a vacancy on the Board, terms of office start officially on July 1st.

The current Board of Directors, their geographic zones, and terms are as follows:

  1. Steve Thoroughman- Board President | Term Expires 6/30/21
  2. Laura Green- Board Vice President | Term Expires 6/30/21
  3. Dawn Depner- Board Secretary/Treasurer | Term Expires 6/30/19
  4. Boe Ellis- Board Director  | Term Expires 6/30/19
  5. Jim Mickelsen- Board Director | Term Expires 6/30/19

If you have any questions regarding the Board of Directors for Canby Fire District, please contact the Fire District business office at 503.266.5851 and they can help put you in contact with your representative.


Steve Thoroughman – Board President

Laura Green

Board Vice President Laura Green – Zone 4

Dawn Depner

Secretary / Treasurer Dawn Depner – Zone 3

Dawn Depner grew up in Montana and moved to Canby in 1997. She maintains a home here with her husband Mark and their children. She enjoys spending time with her family and riding bicycles on the beautiful Canby farm roads.

Dawn is a Financial Advisor and focuses in helping individuals and small businesses establish financial goals. She is passionate about helping to educate her clients. Dawn enjoys serving her community and is the founder of “Operation Snuggle” a local event that helps homeless children by handing out care packages annually during the Christmas Holiday.

She is honored to serve Canby on the fire board.

Boe Ellis

Board Director Boe Ellis – Zone 2

Buner “Boe” Ellis, his wife Sharon and their young daughters have enjoyed being part of the strong community of Canby for the past 5 years. As a Local Operating Engineers Field Representative, Boe works hard to build relationships based on mutual respect and common interests. His time is actively filled with work, family, friends and church callings. When his second daughter was unexpectedly delivered at home, Canby Fire was there to save her life. Since then he has had a special interest in the people, the department and their success. He appreciates the opportunity to serve our community on a local level.

Board Director Jim Mickelsen