Community Awards

Every so often a person or a group does something that warrants recognition. Canby Fire strives to offer recognition to its community when these times occur.
The awards that the fire district has available to the citizenship are as follows:

Valor or Heroism

Recognizes acts of personal valor or heroism, which results in the saving of a life under extreme conditions and in extraordinary circumstances.

Community Service

Recognizes a person who has made outstanding commitment to the community in the realm of public information, education, and prevention.

Life Saving

Recognizes a person who makes an extremely noteworthy contribution which result in the saving of a life.

Community Award

On January 20, 2007 a two vehicle car crash occurred on Hwy 170 near the Molalla River. Citizens Doc Harms and Clay Baggerly both stopped to assist, not realizing that their actions that January morning would be truly life saving. Doc and Clay found two critically injured children, one entangled in the mini-vans wheel well. Before firefighters and paramedics from Canby Fire arrived Doc and Clay worked together to not only remove the children, but also provide first aid.

The two children survived the car crash, and both Clay and Doc have been recognized for their heroic actions. Canby Fire District was first to honor Doc and Clay with the “Heart of a Hero Award.” The City of Canby then recognized them with the “Hometown Hero Award,” which was followed when the State of Oregon recognized them with the “Citizen Heroism Award.” As a capstone for their service, the American Red Cross recognized Clay and Doc by placing their image on the “Everyday Heroes” and then recognizing them by awarding the coveted “Breakfast of Champions” Award, memorializing their efforts on a commemorative box of Wheaties.